Our Supply Chain Management & Logistics team uses big data, compliance expertise and optimized inventory management and our network of transportation links to control freight receiving, storage, consolidation and transport of the cargo that matters to your business. We adapt our processes to your needs. When it comes to shipping, receiving, handling and sourcing, we customize operating procedures around your business, such as your inventory management software, your unique supplier dynamic, your payment and purchasing systems and more. We know the supply chain industry inside and out. But it is also our job to know your business and industry. Our team stays on top of your company's on-hand, in-transit, and work-in-process inventory to avoid disruptions in your operations. Our intimate understanding of truck, airplane, container and rail capacity allows BBE to maximize payloads and optimize pricing for customers thus ensuring accurate transportation routing and timely delivery.

supply chain warehouse

Freight receiving, storage, consolidation, and transport are controlled through BBE’s network of transportation links. As the complexities and requirements of each project are unique, we actively communicate with our clients’ to develop a timeline that will ensure accuracy of shipments and the timeliness of deliverables.

This scope of work includes verification of freight, warehousing through our supply chain networks, and delivery of freight to the locations as required and when required.

BBE specializes in long, multi-modal supply chains and supports from planning through to execution. Integrated logistics requirements are often unique to our customers needs and involve systems integration for system efficiency. As clients needs are often unique, this service offering allows us to work directly with complex supply chain requirements such as seasonal bulk resupply requirements, inventory management or protect estimating and planning. To learn more, get in touch with us today.


Based on many years of working with some of the best in the Industry, we can find you the right transportation provider for your specific requirements, focusing on safety, capacity, performance and price. Our team is constantly evaluating service providers, to ensure consistently high quality results at good value. Your success and ours depends on it.

Our experience and ability to understand your project requirements and timelines enables BBE to provide logistics management in:
Logistics services
Cost estimating and planning
Cargo consolidation
Offsite warehousing and receiving
Customized client reporting
Bulk resupply planning
Inventory management
Onsite logistics personnel
Cold chain cargo management
BBE is a proud member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association