Our freight forwarding solutions team works around the clock to source air, land, ice, and sea transportation. We use our intimate understanding of this industry and your business to anticipate challenges and provide solutions tailored to your needs. We monitor each stop and transfer of your important cargo to ensure your packages are handled with the utmost of care.


BBE’s professional relationship with best in class carriers and other service providers ensures you receive timely attention and superior service. Most importantly, keeping you informed of cargo arrivals through long supply chains, it is what we do best!

BBE is a proud member of the Canadian International Freight Forwarder Association and their standard trading conditions will apply to all freight moved.

We are a proud member of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA), the world’s largest and most powerful network of freight forwarders. WCA world offers each member unprecedented access to high-quality freight forwarding ​partners in every corner of the globe. This powerful network of over 9,000 members across 800+ cities and ports create a unique offer that creates one of the largest logistics networks in the globe.

Whether working from our offices or on your project location, we provide logistics solutions for:
Freight forwarding services
Ship chandler services
AOG & hot shot services
Customs facilitation
Online shipping tools
24/7 expediting services
Multi-modal shipping
Customized client reporting
Winter road and sealift resupply planning

Freight Forwarding Services:

Dangerous Goods Transportation

BBE maintains that the safe transportation of dangerous goods is vital to a healthy environment for everyone. In keeping with our safety first practices, BBE provides in-house Dangerous Goods training programs for its staff as a workplace safety commitment.

The BBE team is certified to move dangerous goods cargo by road, rail, sea and air and our Certified Dangerous Goods Specialists are available to assist with all your associated DG







Procurement of Transportation

Based on over 40 years of working with some of the best in the Industry, BBE can find you the right transportation provider for your specific requirements, focusing on safety, capacity, performance and price. Whether the mode of transportation is Trucking, Air Freight, Air Charter, Marine Cargo, Rail, or Containerization – we have you covered!

Our team is constantly evaluating service providers, to ensure consistently high quality results at good value. Your success and ours depends on it.

Sealift Service

For more than 15 years, our highly-trained team has been providing sealift coordination and consolidation services into the north. Our services support community resupply, oil and gas and mining sealift programs.Aircraft, vessels, drill rigs, rolling stock or machinery, it is all priority when you call us.

Cargo Tracking

With the use of our LMS logistics technology, our customers are able to track freight movements around the globe, online. This innovative system enables our clients to have consistent knowledge of all shipments and timeliness of each delivery ensuring operational efficiency is maintained, through maximizing supply chain transparency.

AOG or Hotshot Service

When your equipment is down for maintenance on a job site, it’s costing you money. Our team is there for you to ensure equipment downtime is minimized through rapid response time and thorough contingency plans (alternate routing and carrier options) for your parts movement.

Aircraft, vessels, drill rigs, rolling stock or machinery, it is all priority when you call us. - Aircraft on Ground (AOG) - Just in Time (JIT) parts re-supply - Mission critical parts/ equipment movements

Ship Chandler Services

As marine activity in the polar region has increased in past decade, BBE has developed the opportunity to support and supply vessels in the Arctic.

Through the Inuvik, Cambridge Bay, and Iqaluit stations, our team has supported cruise ships, research vessels, Coast Guard, sealift operations and petroleum exploration vessels. Maximizing the benefit of our supply chain and associates, we facilitate shipments from Canadian, US, European or Asian home ports, customs clearance, crew changes, local transport, coordination of port services, and the procurement of consumables and perishables.

Customs Facilitation

Customs clearance and brokerage processing services are provided as required. BBE works closely with all major customs brokerages to ensure that clearing processes are accurately and efficiently managed, thus preventing delays of essential deliveries.

BBE has Certified Customs Specialists on hand to ensure all documentation, cargo preparation and customs clearance requirements are facilitated efficiently.