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An innovation based on BBE Expediting’s remote logistics experience, ubbe is an all-in-one, webbased system for quoting, shipping, and tracking your transactions by land, air, ice, and sea. Whether you’re basing decisions on carrier preference, cost, performance or transit time, the choice is yours.

ubbe is a solution that links carriers into a customizable dashboard. Reduce your time spent compiling and analyzing data. With ubbe, you can review freight spend and activities at a glance, enabling you to make informed data-driven decisions.

For over 40 years, BBE has been making complex logistics simple for our partners across the North, Canada and around the world. ubbe, our new selfserve shipping system represents a monumental shift from being a provider to an enabler. It puts your team in control of quoting, shipping and tracking your transactions. Use ubbe, and our logistics experts become an extension of your team.

BBE also offers a host of managed services, including supply chain and logistics management, air cargo and ground handling, freight forwarding and procurement services plus lubricants distribution, among others. Our team can also assist with dangerous goods input and shipment, as well as lane investigation and monitoring.

Together, we can design, develop, and deliver a custom solution suited to your needs.