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Don't spend your summer chasing Suppliers.

Do you spend a lot of time ordering and organizing your Sealift or Barge resupply orders?
If you haven’t noticed already, there are some challenges this year, like out-of-stock items, backorders and crazy lead times, mostly created by the pandemic impact to supply and demand on many products. Why risk missing the 2021 Sealift Season, let our team of experts make sure your order is picked in full and delivered on time. It's a service that Industry, Government, local businesses and individuals, count on us for every year.

Imagine how much time and energy it would save you being able to order, organizing and ship, while dealing with one person!

One point of contact, one order placement, one shipper, one invoice.

Dry goods, office supplies, furniture & appliances industrial supplies, construction material, after-market parts, grocery, cleaning supplies and food. We deal with some of the best suppliers in Western and Eastern Canada! Lumber pricing has skyrocketed over the past year and is expected to continue to rise this spring and summer. We have access to numerous lumber suppliers to lock in your order now to eliminate any upcoming price increase risk.

Ask our Procurement Experts for more information on our services, supplier base and logistics support. Whether it’s your first time organizing a sealift or barge order, or your twentieth, our team are here to help.

Our Sealift team can buy, collect, consolidate, crate and ship your orders for you and eliminate the time and headache of you dealing with multiple suppliers who don't understand your unique shipping needs, the timelines you are bound by and the costs involved. We do understand your cost, the conditions and the time constraints and our goal is to ensure the best value and service for you, from purchase to delivery.