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Get Rid of the Dust, without the Salt


In 2020, BBE joined forces with Cypher Environmental to become their Distributor across the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Through our local distributor network, we saw many benefits for our customers across the North in Cypher’s line of eco-friendly products, including DUST|STOP®.

The products provide an economical and sustainable option for dust control and stabilization for roads, air strips, tailings piles, construction sites and soil stabilization for erosion prone areas as well. With our northern infrastructure challenges around permafrost, the cost of aggregate (and often the scarcity of it) and maintenance costs, we know these products deliver win-win results for municipalities, contractors and government agencies.

In applications around the globe and across Canada, including the Arctic, customers are realizing significant reductions in dust, road maintenance, tire wear and fuel burn on haul trucks (due to reduction in rolling resistance). Industrial clients in the oilsands, mining and municipal governments are enthusiastically converting to this solution.

Compared to other ‘environmentally based’ products in the market, Cypher’s product line is manufactured here in Canada and priced in Canadian dollars. DUST|STOP® ships as a concentrate, so your logistics costs are reduced significantly. Dust Stop is freeze-thaw stable, so storage from a winter road or sealift delivery until next summer’s application is not a problem. Standard equipment requirements include a water truck, grader and a packer, making applications achievable in most communities across the Territories, and globally.

We are very excited to be bring this solution North of 60 as we see the savings and benefits that come with it, at a time when budgets are tight, demands are high, and where we need to protect the environment. We encourage you to reach out to us for more information, and we are happy to discuss the technical and logistical requirements you may have in planning for your next earthworks project.

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