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BBE: Safety as a Value

It is cliché to say that 2020 was a challenging year. We saw healthy workplace practices evolving rapidly in the early days of the pandemic, business continuity plans activated, stakeholder requirements rapidly changing, and supply chain constraints coupled with peaking demand on certain products. As fluid as that environment was, our team-maintained focus on safety, of themselves, their co-workers and those around them, including their families.

Looking back on the year, through almost 120,000 work hours, we are so proud of our team in their dedication to safety, resulting in a 1.07 TRIR and Zero Lost Time Incidents.

“At BBE we believe safety is a value. Priorities might change but values remain. Our strong safety values are a key part of our business success, supported by our seven-step approach to safety,” Faraj Othman, QHSET Manager. “Thanks to our crews’ impressive achievements in health and safety across all locations and I look forward to further growth this year.”

Our Zero LTIs now span over 1,000,000 work hours by our team, over the past six and a half years. From offices to warehouses, to ports, lay-down yards, airport ramps, and mine, construction and oil & gas sites across Northern Canada, BBE personnel have endorsed safety as a value.

Heather Stewart, President, “Our safety journey has been the work of the dedicated team at BBE. As a team, we have learned together, problem solved together and evolved together to meet this milestone that we are so very proud of. It is a journey that doesn’t ended, but we know we are on the right road and we continue on it - together.”