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Holiday Wishes 2020

This has been a year that has challenged each and every one of us in impactful ways. Even though there continues to be hardship and uncertainty on the horizon, we are filled with a sense of gratitude.

We are grateful for teamwork, community, commitment, resilience, inspiration, determination, innovation and awesome people.

Every hurdle that popped up was assessed, addressed and then cleared. It was incredible how people adapted to virtual and socially distanced connections given the uncertainties and disruptions imposed by the COVID-19 virus.

There were all kinds of challenging COVID demands. First with PPE supply, then with community health support for sampling programs and now vaccine distribution. Through all the disruption, our communities still needed food and medical resupply and our business partners still needed commercial goods support. With a lot of dedication from everyone on our team, we were able to support these needs.

So, as we look ahead to a new year of opportunity and inspiration, we are truly grateful for the awesome people who make it happen, our team, suppliers, partners and customers.

We are thankful for you.

Heather Stewart