Controlled Pharmaceutical Distributors

A lot is outside your control. Especially in the sensitive world of pharmaceutical and health care supply chain. Environmental challenges, geographical realities and the policy and regulatory requirements. We focus on what we can control, which is control of quality, control of cost and control of time. Through these controls we maximize predictability and efficiency of your supply chain. More than that, we deliver the products that can save lives.

ISO 9001:2015
On time, on budget, and whatever it takes to maintain Quality.

Freight receiving, storage, consolidation, and transport are controlled through BBE’s network of transportation links. As the complexities and requirements of each project are unique, we actively communicate with our clients’ to develop a timeline that will ensure accuracy of shipments and the timeliness of deliverables.

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Our skills in logistics includes verification of freight, tracking of shipments, warehousing through our supply chain networks, and delivery of freight to the locations as required, on time and on budget. This network we've build over the years allows us to control costs and provide clients valuable visibility mitigating risks and ensuring delivery.


The systems we have in place allow us to provide controlled goods handling. Upon receiving inventory, our focus on maintaining products quality is at the forefront, from cool chain management, ambient shipping conditions and packaging to secure supply chain validation, your products integrity is maintained at every stage.

Why BBE?

Not only do we provide temperature controlled, consistent and reliable delivery of health care products but we have built an extensive network of northern partners. Our partnerships and focus on continuous improvement has allowed us to implement new systems, innovate our product packaging and delivery and stay at the forefront of client service - providing the confidence our clients and manufacturers need to ship across Canada.

That means healthcare products you can count on.

Because it’s not just about getting products to a destination, it’s about getting products to loved ones.

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Safe and timely delivery of essential products

Products that don’t deliver in a compromised state and have to be returned

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A commitment to the health of the end user

Products that are on time, ready to help when needed

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Careful and smart systems that have been built from experience

Product shipment tracking ensures validity, accountability and visibility

Let us help you carry your pharmaceuticals North.

Proudly IATA CEIV certified and shipping healthcare products to the world's toughest climates.

Our experience and ability to understand your project requirements and timelines enables BBE to provide logistics management in:
Controlled goods handling
Secure supply chain validation
24/7 expediting services
Cool chain management
Last mile logistics expertise
Dangerous goods expertise
Quality management system
Contingency planning
Online shipping and tracking
Customized client reporting