Our Story

We’re a proud Canadian company with deep roots in Canada’s North. Since 1977 we have been using our logistics expertise to connect Northern Canada to the world. It all started with providing support to resource development and exploration in remote arctic conditions. Four decades later, we meet the world’s most challenging supply chain needs in remote communities across the global marketplace.

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bbe building

Our Team

Providing successful logistical solutions for you brings out the best in us. We are control freaks, success junkies, problem solvers, worry warts, techies, result measurers, team players and status quo challengers. When we focus our strengths on a client in need, magic happens! Our passion for logistics is what ultimately sets us apart. We don’t just tackle the big things. It’s the countless little things that make the biggest differences and we love doing them.

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BBE's Commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and the Environment

  • Our Team energize and drive our business success.
  • Our collective commitment is to each other’s health and safety, through an engaged culture of developing, communicating, monitoring and improving our practices and polices.
  • We commit this to each other and we commit this to you; our customers, our suppliers, our carriers, our partners.
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Our Joint Venture Partners

BBE’s commitment to developing and delivering a supply chain network that is socially responsible has connected us with likeminded enterprises across Northern Canada. Our distributor network, our supplier network all reflect this commitment and so have our commercial partnerships with local and Indigenous businesses. Supporting access to local economic opportunities, to national markets as well as developing new opportunities, inspires us daily! It is an honor to contribute to the growth and evolution of commercial enterprise in regions where we operate and to see the economic and social benefits that flow from those efforts.

Core Values

Our core values are our collective purpose in this wonderful business and are shared among all of us who work here. It is our common thread as we create value and unparalleled results for our customers.

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We move things right.

Our integrity is rooted in our history, serving Canada’s most remote and northerly communities where the only thing that travels easily is word of mouth. It’s how we’ve maintained trust, sustained relationships and communities, and repeated business for over 40 years. We don’t just move packages. We move things that matter, including people. With integrity is how we handle things that impact the livelihoods of people, business, economy and culture. It’s embedded in the transparency of our service. It’s how we negotiate in the customers best interests. It’s in the moments we find the best solution to meet a customer’s shipping and logistics priorities then do it again and again.

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We move things carefully.

Our cargo touches many hands along the value chain. Safety requires each of us to carry a personal sense of responsibility and leadership. It’s about moving from regulatory compliance to a culture of commitment – to ensure products arrive on time and intact by land, air, ice and sea. Safety is bigger than avoiding injury or managing risks. It’s more than security of information and diligence in paperwork. It means we create an environment where it’s safe to innovate, try, fail and learn. It’s the power for people at any level to intervene and raise their voice to protect each other and our customers property. It is preserving an environment where each of us foster ideas that help us improve and grow.

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We make the industry better.

Innovation is how we constantly adapt to keep pace with the everchanging world of supply chain and logistics. We’re an old industry becoming new, again and again. Innovation is how we organize people and technology around our customers needs. Evolving from a supplier to an enabler, we’re always moving forward taking customers with us, so they have greater control of their cargo, their business, and their bottom line. How do we do it? It’s in our drive to collaborate, to challenge the status quo and to always ask WHY. It’s in our problem-solving culture. We solve for purpose, not for profit…. and growth follows.

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We move up.....together.

Excellence is a mindset. It’s more than how we grow as a business. It is also how we grow our individual and team capacity to learn and develop ideas. In the complex world of supply chain and logistics, many things are beyond our control. But personal excellence is within our control. Through collaboration with our team of experts, and our customers, value creation is embedded in our daily operations resulting in quality and innovative solutions for our customers and the industry. Together, excellence and innovation drive sustainability. Excellence is also our collective. Our success is built on volume. The more we ship, the more we increase our leverage to negotiate in the customers best interest. We expand our businesses together, so we collectively have more flexibility and higher control of costs. As we expand our network, we increase our capacity to connect them to the world.

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We move mountains.

Being in service is how we work together, and with our customers, to make their miracles happen. Our roots, serving remote, northern communities, gives us a culture of perseverance to meet our commitments by land, air, ice and sea. It begins with a resolve to show up with our best selves each day. It goes beyond what we have to do because it starts from within, rather than from rules. It’s personal satisfaction. It’s passion. It’s contagious. Service is critical for survival in this complex industry. The environment and our customers’ needs are always changing and so are our solutions. Our integration across the value chain empowers each of us to think beyond our own corner of the universe and draw from our collective expertise in service of our customers. Working in service gives us the strength to be resourceful and never give up. Because what matters to our customers, matters to us. For us, challenges are an opportunity to meet a need and create value for someone else.

BBE Life

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BBE Culture

We have some fun along the way. Check out our BBE life!

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